Recommended Reading

The following websites are for UK road, traffic resources, charities and organisations that you may find useful.

The Highways Agency

Live traffic information including accident and incident alerts, roadwork's and weather warnings for the UK

Traffic England

View live traffic information by UK area

Traffic Scotland

Real time traffic information, planned roadwork's and incident alerts for Scotland


Michelin map and route planner with traffic and weather information.

Wet Roads

A helpful guide to of low water crossings, rivers and fords in the UK by county.


Online map of potholes in the UK, how to report a pothole and how to claim compensation if your car is damaged by a pothole.


Online resource providing information on where road crashes have occurred in the UK.


A national UK charity providing support for victims of road accidents and their families.


A UK charity providing road safety information and support.


Website focusing on road cycling in the UK.

Road Safety Foundation

UK road safety foundation advocating road safety.

Road Safety GB

Website aimed at road safety professionals in the UK.


Focused on providing road related statistics.


Road danger reduction forum.


The Society for All British Road Enthusiasts.

The Motorway Archive

The online encyclopaedia of UK Motorway heritage.

Motorway Services Online

An online catalogue of motorway services in the UK.


Providing information on annual safer roads conferences in the UK.


Transport advice portal for the UK.


The European road assessment programme.


The parliamentary advisory council for transport safety in the UK.

Roads UK

An online reference site focused on the road network in Britain.

Northern Ireland Roads Site

A website focused on the road system in Northern Ireland.

UK Roads Liaison Group

A website focused on road infrastructure and engineering in the UK.

Rural Roads

A site dedicated to the most interesting or picturesque rural roads across Britain.

Pathetic Motorways

A website focused on motorways in the UK, including current, former, lost, unfinished and unbuilt motorways.


Product of the Road Safety Analysis organisation.